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Stuck with math problems and looking for ways to answer X is what percent of Y?

Our suggestions below will help you execute any percentage calculation in less time. If you're stuck on a percentage calculation, our methods will come in handy and provide you the correct answer just in seconds.

As we all know, in a percent proportion, one number is the part, and the other number is the base. The next is a ratio, often known as a percent, with a basis of 100.

What is the formula used for calculating a percentage of a number?

Use the following formula to get the percentage:

Equation: (X/100) × Y  

Example: what is 10% of 250?

  • By using the percentage formula, turn the problem into an equation: Y = P percent * X
  • Because P is 10% and X is 250, the equation is 10% * 250 = Y.
  • Remove the percent sign here and divide it by 100 to convert 10% to a decimal: 0.10 = 10/100
  • In the following calculation, replace 10% with 0.10. Hence, you will have the following: 10% * 250 = Y changes to 0.10 * 250 = Y.
  • Calculate the following: 0.10 multiplied by 250 equals 25.
  • Y = 25
  • As a result, 10% of 250 equals 25.
  • Compare your response to the original question: What is ten percent of 250? Multiply 0.10 by 250 for a total of 25.
For excel and google spreed sheet, use the next formula

Another variation of questions in percentage problems is the following:

How do you find X if P% of it is Y?

For instance,
What percentage of a number is equal to 25?
Here, use this percentage formula to convert the problem to an equation: Y/P% = X

  • Because Y is 25 and P is 20, the equation is 25/20%, Equals X.
  • Divide the existing percent number by 100 to get a decimal value.
  • To turn 20% to a decimal, do the following: 20/100 = 0.20
  • Replace 0.20 for 20% in the following equation: X = 25/0.20
  • Calculate the following: X X = 125 = 25/0.20
  • As a result, 25 is 20% of 125.
  • Compare your response to the initial point: What percentage of a number is twenty-five percent? 25/0.20 = 125