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Formula: ((Current Weight - Start Weight)/Start Weight) × 100 = Weight Variation %  

To calculate your weight loss percentage, divide the number of (pounds or kilograms) lost by your starting weight. Then multiply the outcome by 100.

For instance, (10lbs / 150lbs) * 100 = -6.66 percent

So, if you started at 150 pounds and lost 10 pounds, you have reduced 6.33 percent of your total weight. Nonetheless, this is the overall weight decrease. If you require a more detailed weight loss calculator, such as fat loss, you should visit a specialist.

The Weight Loss Calculator's Functioning

To determine your weight loss percentage, subtract your current weight from the weight you were at when you first started trying to lose weight. This amount is then divided by your original weight, and the result is multiplied by 100. It will offer you your percentage of weight loss. This formula is written as follows:

The Formula

Formula: (Current Weight - Start Weight)/Start Weight × 100 

If the calculator yields a positive result, you have gained weight, whereas a negative result indicates losing weight.

The same formula works if you use kilos as the measurement unit rather than pounds (lbs).

Example 1:

Initial weight: 200 lbs
Current weight: 180 lbs
200-180 = 20
(20 / 200) x 100 = 20 which refers to 20% weight loss.

Example 2:

Initial weight: 90 kg
Current weight: 85 kg
90 – 85= 5
(5 / 90) *100 = 5.5 which refers to 5.5 % weight loss

What is the significance of the weight loss percentage?

This is a calculation of how much of your starting weight you lost compared to your current weight. This percentage can be used to determine whether you are healthily losing weight.

There are some debates concerning this, and some argue that a 10% loss is sufficient, to begin with, while anything more than that, particularly in a short period of time, may indicate an extreme weight loss that may accompany or cause health problems.