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Percentage Formula

Case 1: What is X% of Y?

Formula: X /100 × Y

Go to What is X percent of Y? Calculator

example: What is 12% of 200?
= 12 /100× 200 = 24

Case 2: X is what percent of Y?

Formula: X /Y × 100

Go to X is what percent of Y? Calculator

example: 14 is what percent of 140?
= 14 /140 × 100 = 10%

Case 3: X is y% of what?

Formula: X × 100 /Y

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example: 10 is 20% of what?
= 10 × 100 / 20 = 50

Percentage Increase Formula

Formula: ( final - initial ) /| initial | x 100

example: What is the percentage increase from 20 to 40?
= ( 40 - 20 ) /| 20 | × 100 = 100% increase

Percentage Change Formula

Formula: final - initial /initial x 100

Go to Percentage Change Calculator

example: What is the percentage change (increase/decrease) from 200 to 100?
= 100 - 200 /200 × 100 = -50% decrease

Percentage Difference Formula

Formula: | V1 - V2 | / ( V1 + V2 ) / 2 x 100

example: Difference between 50 and 75?
= | 50 - 75 | / ( 50 + 75 ) / 2 x 100 = 40%

cgpa in percentage Formula

Formula = Cgpa × 9.5

example: 7 CGPA in percentage
= 7 × 9.5 = 66.5%

Discount or Percent Off Formula

Formula: ( 100 - X )/100 × Y

Go to Discount or Percent Off Calculator

example: 15% percent off 150$ ?
= ( 100 - 15 ) / 100 × 150 = 127.50$

Percent Yield formula

Formula: Actual yield/Theoretical yield × 100

example: Actual yield=29,Theoretical yield=36.7
= 29/36.7 × 100 = 79%

How do I calculate the percentages?

This question is asked by every customer of the store who intends to use the discount and every employee of the company who wants to know the amount of their remuneration for completing the plan. After all,

interest is present in many areas of everyday life. When you need to get a percentage of a number, you first need to convert it to a fraction and then multiply it by this number.

Let's give an example. In the store, the laptop cost $ 3000, they got a promotion in the form of a 30% discount. What is the amount of your benefit and how much should you pay for the product?

3000×30/100 = 900, since 30/100 can still be written as 0.30, then

The calculation is simple:

30000.30 = $ 900 is the amount of the discount (30%) in monetary terms.

Now let's calculate how much you need to pay for a laptop: 3000-900= $ 2100. Calculating percentages is not only a task in the classroom but also a relevant problem for many adults. Not everyone can quickly perform actions in their mind. Although it is quite simple to calculate 10% or 20% of a given amount, calculating the size, for example, the interest rate on banking transactions, is sometimes problematic.

What can be done in this situation? You can resort to the help of a specialist, but it is easier to apply your skills in using modern technologies and use the online percentage calculator on our website.

Percentage definition

A percentage (from the Latin “percentum” - out of a hundred) is a way of expressing a number as a fraction with a denominator of 100. In other words, it is one-hundredth of an integer. People denote the percentage with the symbol %. Percentages conveniently express one quantity compared to another, the first is usually a fraction.

How to use the percentage calculator?

Most of us at school were good at performing various mathematical operations, especially such as fractions or calculating percentages. After all, we often encounter them in everyday life. Unfortunately, over time, these skills can be lost and it is sometimes difficult to quickly perform important calculations. In such cases, our online percentage calculator can help you out.

In addition to calculating the ratio of numbers and their percentage equivalent, you can use the calculator to perform simple mathematical calculations of increasing or decreasing a given number by the number of percentages. To do this, just fill in the appropriate fields and click on the Calculate button.

For example, to find out how much is 5% of the number 80, we put the values in the necessary fields. After clicking the calculation button, we will get the result “4". In the same way, the percentage calculator will calculate the percentage of two different numbers. For example, 80 to 100 will be 80%.

With the help of our service, you can also:
  • add % — if you add 5% to the number 80, we get 84;
  • subtract % — if you subtract 5% from the number 80, we get 76.

Such calculations are necessary both for work and in everyday life:

- In the mall, when we see a 35% discount on the price tag, the percentage calculator will help you quickly calculate how much you actually have to pay.

- In the kitchen, when preparing a dish, it is often necessary to recalculate changing the number of servings.

- At work, for example, in a store, when it is necessary to analyze the ratio of revenue from several sellers to assess the quality of work. You will also need to calculate percentages to determine the load, for example, hourly, weekly, etc.

- When you need to get a loan. Calculating the amount that the interest rate includes will help you choose the most profitable option. The same applies to deposits.

- Copywriters can't do without interest either. Any customer wants to get 100% uniqueness with low spam and water content of the text.