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Formula: Scored Marks/Out of Marks × 100 = result %  

Marks Percentage Formula

Formula: (Scored Marks/Out of Marks) × 100

Marks Percentage Calculator is a great tool for high school and college students to track their overall percentage results. A percentage is a number that is stated as a fraction of one hundred. So, how do you calculate the percentage of marks? As an example:

  • 20/100 x 100 = expressed as 20 percent = 20%
  • 50/100 x 100 = expressed as 50 percent = 50%

Let’s learn how to convert marks to percentages with examples and the formula of the marks percentage calculator.

For example, if your total score in the examination were 1050 out of 1200, you would divide 1050 by 1200 and multiply it by 100.

(1050/1220) x 100 = Percentage of marks

0.875 x 100 Equals percentage

So, we see that 87.5 percent of the marks were obtained.

How to Calculate the Percentage of Marks Obtained: To calculate the percentage, divide the total scores by the marks achieved and multiply the result by 100.

The formula for Calculating Percentage of Marks:

You can also compute the proportion of your overall mark scores using the formula shown below.

Percent of Overall Scored Marks = (Scored Marks / Total Marks) x 100


A student received a score of 125 out of 200 on the Maths exam. Solution for his Exam Marks Percentage:

Using percentage to compare marks.

Because the percentage is an easy method to write a fraction, it becomes an essential tool for comparing amounts. Assume Student A received an 80 in maths and Student B received a 70 in math in their respective classes. But who was the more successful of the two?

We only know the component and are unaware of the overall (base) marks. Student A received 80 points out of a possible 120 points, whereas student B received 70 points out of 100 points.

Student A: (80/120) * 100 = 66.6%

Student B: (70/100)* 100 = 70%

As we can see from the percentage, student B had a better score, and the marks percentage calculator is beneficial in terms of comparison.