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Formula : ( X × 100 )/Y = result   

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Formula : ( Final Number × 100 ) /Percentage = Original number   

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Formula : ( Final Number × 100 ) /100 + Percentage = Original number   

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Percent off: X %

Original price: Y $

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Formula: (100 - X)/100 × Y = result   

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Formula: (X/Y) × 100 = result %  

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To make things simple, you can also depend on the reverse percentage calculator. It simplifies the process, so all you need to do is input numbers on the first input, and the percentage in the next input, then click "Calculate". For more percentage calculations click on the "show other calculations" button above. And click on the show formula button to see the formula.

Reverse Percentage Formula

Formula: ( Number × 100 ) / Percent

Excel and google Spreed sheets formula


  1. Replace "cell1" with the cell contains the Number
  2. And replace "cell2" that contains the Percentage

Without math knowledge in mind, youre basically at lost here, even from the start. This is not the only problem you’re

going to face if you dont understand anything about math. Let’s talk about the discount. Sometimes, items are priced under specific discounted prices.

Let’s say it’s 10% this time. To know the price you’re going to pay, you need to understand basic math to calculate the total amount you have to pay, plus the amount of money saved.
For most people, calculating discounted price is very easy. But how about the reverse percentage?

Reverse Percentage

If you already have a starting amount and want to add a percentage, you can multiply the percentage to the original amount to find the added amount. For example, this method is needed when calculating sales tax or tip to add to the bill.

But, if you only have the final amount, you need to work reversely to find the original number. If you need a number of the cost before tax, you need to use reverse percentage involving the percentage and final price.

To calculate the reverse percentage, you can either use reverse percentage calculator above or doing it manually using the formula above.