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Formula: (X/Y) × 100 = result %  

The ratio to percent conversion procedure helps in arithmetic operations for representing a quantity in ratio form in terms of percentage. You may have come across the % as a means to assess a student's exam performance. As a result, the percentage is employed to compare numbers. It signifies 'per 100,' which is a number expressed as a fraction of a hundred.

So, when you say "100% of something," it means "the total of it." The ratio can also be used to compare quantities in a variety of ways. Assume a : b is the ratio of a and b. The percent version can thus be written as:

The Formula

Formula: (X/Y) 100  

For example, 2 : 5 can be written as (2/5) 100 = 40%. The following is how to use the ratio to percentage calculator formula is below:

What Does the Ratio to Percent Conversion Work?

Converting a Ratio to a Percentage: A:B is equal to A/B*100. The conversion is made up of three easy steps:

  • Step 1: Divide the first value by the second number.
  • Step 2: To turn to a percentage, multiply by 100.
  • Step 3: Insert the percent symbol ( percent )

For instance, if the ratio is 12:4, transform it to 12/4, which is an expression we can solve. The percentage is then calculated by multiplying the value by 100.

12 / 4 = 3

3 x100 = 300 %

To convert a ratio of 7:9 to a percentage, for example, 8:9 = 8/9*100 = 88.8 percent